May 11, 2021

Caroline Garcia: We don’t have to be friends for the national team to play together

Frenchwoman Caroline Garcia commented on her performance for the national team for the first time since 2016.

“I have always said that I’ll only temporarily play for the national team in order to focus on personal tournaments. It’s very important for me to represent my country. We have already discussed everything with team captain Julien Benneto. Mutual respect between us, but for me it’s important.

I haven’t talked to the girls yet, but the captain says that the whole team will be happy about my return. We have a professional relationship. We are able to separate the personal from the worker. We do not have to be friends to perform together. I understand that at first they will meet me pretty cool. This is normal. The main thing is that I am ready to go all out, speaking for the national team. If the coach asks, I will play in a pair with Mladenovic “, – quotes the words of Garcia L’Equipe.

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