April 14, 2021

Bob Bryan: Murray is worth the surgery

American tennis player Bob Bryan commented on the fact that Briton Andy Murray will finish his career this season.

“I think he will go to the operation. We talked a lot: he wanted to find out how I survived the surgery and how I train now.

In fact, everything is fine. I am still not ready for one hundred percent, but the operation was less than six months ago. It should take another three months, then we’ll talk.

Of course, I could not tell Andy that everything would be great after the operation. No one even knows if surgeons can help. I’m a greenhouse, and Andy plays alone. They have other movements, they get more tired and more kill the body. I do not know whether his joint will survive. Or maybe Murray will no longer have his speed. I hope that he will have surgery and be able to walk. Or at least play with children.

I advised him to my surgeon. I was his first tennis player, but he managed, “- quotes Bob Tennis World.

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