May 14, 2021

Belinda Bencic: Efforts bring results

Swiss tennis player Belinda Bencic appreciated her performance during the hard season.

“Now everyone says:“ She’s back. ”But you shouldn’t get ahead because it’s not easy to play on the Tour. Many players have a chance to win the title in any tournament. I’m not going to make big plans and continue to work on myself. my health and playing practice. I am very glad that hard work has brought results.

In Dubai, I felt great on the court. The first matches were very difficult, so I treated everything as a bonus. I played without feeling pressure, but I knew that the level of my game was good enough. In general, I changed my approach. I enjoy the game more now. In the first games after returning to court I did not worry about winning or losing. I was just glad to play again, “- Bencic quoted the press service of the Tour.

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