April 17, 2021

Aryna Sabalenka: Sometimes you want to say Tursunov: "Yes, fuck off already!"

Belarusian Aryna Sabalenka in an interview with “RT in Russian” told about her work with Dmitry Tursunov.

Did you see how at the Australian Open two elderly fans almost got into a fight because of the bandage that you threw into the stands after the match with the British Katie Boulter?

– Not. I learned about this later, after returning from Australia.

How did you react?

– Of course, I was upset: I was very sorry that I could not give a gift to the second woman either.

– You did not want to find both and make them some kind of personal gift or, for example, hold a joint photo session?

– Taking into account that the details of this story were not immediately clarified, it was already too late to do something.

– What do you think, how many such personal fans do you have around the world?

– Honestly, I do not know … Yes, and never thought about it. Nevertheless, I honestly admit that for me this behavior was a pleasant surprise. I did not expect that someone could fight for the right to possess my dressing.

Dmitry Tursunov is an outwardly calm enough mentor. How does he react to increased attention to you from young people?

“I never heard from him about my relationship.” I guess he doesn’t care.

What new did the Russian coach bring to your game?

– Not an easy question. I would say, when Dmitry and I just started working, he explained a lot to me in tennis: there are a lot of tactical and psychological nuances. Thanks to his work, I am so high in the ranking.

Were there any cases when you started playing worse after Tursunov’s exits to the court?

– I think, to a greater degree, everything depends not on the coach, but on yourself – whether it turns out to carry out his installations or not. Dmitry only says what exactly am I doing wrong and how to fix it. Of course, there were cases when he came out to me, and then I immediately lost the game, but then won again. Anything can happen. In general, I would not say that Tursunov himself is eager to run out onto the court. Basically, I call him when I need advice.

Your duet is generally quite unique. What do you think, if you were rating on the most “juicy” dialogues of coaches and tennis players, what place would you occupy with Dmitry?

– I do not exclude that we would be the first and won the grand prize. (laughs)

The whole sports world was discussing Dmitry’s phrase “Shut your mouth and play!” during one of the matches. Have you ever answered him in a similar style?

– This is surprising, but it is precise to Dmitry that I cannot afford to answer sharply or sharply. I do it only to myself, and that is extremely rare.

And what words do you address him?

– Something from the series “leave me alone” or “get away from me”.

In general, remember the match in which you were nervous on the court in full and could not stop?

– It was so. In the second round of the tournament in New Haven met with Daria Gavrilova and I frankly stormed. I wanted to tear and throw, break all the rackets, scatter the balls around the court. Absolutely inappropriate behavior.

– In the games with Russian women, did you ever indulge in obscene language, tried to make it clear what you think of them?

– No, why should I say anything at all? They understand me and my moral state without words.

The question of nerves is not accidental – after all, you once admitted that you sometimes like to seize stress.

– It depends on how stressful it is. During the tournament, I, on the contrary, try to eat less, but after it I can afford more. And if this is a loss or, on the contrary, a bright victory, then I just eat it if not in myself.

Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova on the eve compared tennis with spaghetti Bolognese. What product does it associate with you?

– With something tasty, sweet. Let’s opt for ice cream.

Together with Anastasia, you took part in a master class on cooking dumplings. What did he remember the most?

– It was great – some variety, entertainment. From there, a beautiful view. It was fun, I managed to relax a bit, which to some extent helped start the tournament with a victory. But in tennis, I show myself much better than in cooking.

– What is the most difficult dish cooked?

– Probably scrambled eggs.

And if Alyaksandr Lukashenka had called and said that he would come to visit you on the condition that you cook something?

– I would give him potatoes, bacon and bread.

The President of Belarus is a big fan of sports. Does it somehow affect you?

– Yes of course. We are very lucky with the head of state, because it is thanks to his efforts that sport in the country is maintained at the highest level.

By the way, a week ago Lukashenka called skaters the most courageous athletes. Do you agree with him?

– I would argue. In my opinion, the most courageous – we, tennis players.

And from what lack you would get rid with pleasure?

– From negative emotions. You need to stay on courage, but to avoid those states when you want to tear and throw.

– You spent a week in Petersburg. What impression did the city make on you?

– I could not see all the sights – it is very difficult to do, taking part in the tournament. In general, I really liked it here, I received great pleasure.

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