Andy Murray: The probability that I will play at Wimbledon is less than 50 percent

British tennis player Andy Murray talked about his condition after the operation.

“Rehabilitation is slow, but it is going well. As I said in Australia, I want to continue playing. I don’t know yet whether this will be possible.

The operation went well. I feel good and move around without pain, which has not been the last one or two years. That was the meaning of the operation – to improve the quality of life and my ability to do ordinary daily activities. I did not enjoy not only tennis, but also simple everyday things. I could not tie the shoelaces calmly. To continue in this mode, I no longer wanted. I do not regret having performed the operation. I would have done it, even if they told me that I would never again be able to hit the ball.

Now I need to wait. I am contraindicated for movements associated with high loads during the first four months after surgery. And only when it will be clear how I cope with these loads, it will be clear if I can still play tennis at any level. About the return to the Top 10 it is unlikely to go.

I do not feel that I must return; I do not feel that I have to play. If I can do it, it will be awesome. The probability that I will play alone at Wimbledon, I would say, is less than 50 percent. A couple is higher.

Bob Bryan had the same operation as me, and he played again five and a half months later. But a loner and a couple are fundamentally different things in terms of physical exertion. I think that for me there is a chance to go back alone, but I would not say that he is tall, because nobody has done this before. I can’t point to a player and say: look, he’s back. The doctor said that I can try, but there are no guarantees.

I am encouraged that in Australia and in general the last year and a half everything was bad with my hip, but I competed with very good players. So maybe without pain in my hip, I can too, “Andy quotes the BBC.

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