April 18, 2021

Andy Murray: Maybe it was my last match

British tennis player Andy Murray talked about his condition.

– Will you come back?

– I have two options. First: do not play the next four and a half months and prepare for Wimbledon. But today I had serious problems. Now I can not walk normally. I can play another match, but I want to improve the quality of life. Because even if I do not play for four months and then have a match, I will not be able to walk again. And it hurts me to do completely ordinary things. Yes, there is an option that I can return, because some have already succeeded. Bob Brian is doing it now. Some have tried it. But there are no guarantees. Therefore, there is a possibility that I will not spend one more match after this operation.

– What have you decided?

– Probably, I will decide within the next week. But I said on Friday that maybe this is my last match. If I undergo surgery and can not recover, then I will no longer play. I realize it. And I need to make a decision. The operation will improve the quality of life: I can walk normally, wear boots and socks and so on. Now I am horrified at the thought of walking the dogs, playing football with friends. It’s too painful for me. I do not know yet. But if today was my last match, then it was a wonderful ending. Probably, I will take this into account too. The match had an amazing atmosphere, and I left literally all of myself on the court, struggled out of the last of my strength and performed much better than I should have in view of the preparation and so on. I will not be killed if this was my last match.

– What did you leave behind?

– I do not know. But I know that to give all the best, I devoted myself to the sport. I trained hard – probably, in some moments, even too hard. I would change that. But I do not know. Yes, some in recent days said that I squeezed the most out of my game. But it seems to me that I should have achieved more, to do something different. There are matches that I would like to play again. I do not know what my legacy will be, but I have always tried.

You have not overdone?

– There were certain moments when I was doing too much. This is not easy, because when you start to train in a certain way, and it brings success, you begin to think that the reason for this training. But everything would be fine if I played a little less, took the weekend more often, rested more. Now it upsets me. This is my fault. Some say that Andy worked a lot, trained a lot, and that’s good. But I often did not think when I was told something. I had to sometimes say that I would not train, that I needed a day off. But I did not do this, but listened to what they told me. These new anti-doping rules are so strict that it’s almost impossible to live a normal life with them. One day they came to my house at 7 o’clock in the morning right after I arrived home from Australia. I woke up, not realizing where I was, because the change of time zones could not pass without a trace. The officer insisted that I show my ID and write my own address, although he was already in my house. I have to inform WADA about where I am, even if I rest. Somehow they came to my hotel in Miami when I was on vacation. I strongly oppose the use of doping in sport, but more adequate measures should be taken in relation to tennis players.

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