May 6, 2021

Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova: Serena’s results at this age are admirable

Russian tennis player Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova spoke about her attitude to the American Serena Williams.

“There are no identical athletes – everyone has a different body, health, desire, mentality. Everyone has the right to decide whether to complete his career or continue to perform. The fact that Serena shows such results at 37 years old, and even after the birth of child respect and admiration. Tennis is a very difficult sport, especially for women. She has slightly different goals, unlike all the others. In addition, she was very close to carrying out her plans, having twice made her way to the final of “Slam” after the birth of a child. Many athletes never achieve this at all, and she managed to do it almost immediately after returning to the court, “- quotes the words of Pavlyuchenkova Russia Today.

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