April 18, 2021

Amanda Anisimova: I love Sharapova

American tennis player Amanda Anisimova commented on reaching the 1/8 finals of the Australian Open.

– This is one of the best matches of my life. I played very well today. This is a difficult opponent, so I tuned in to a tough match. But in the end I managed to relax and play that well. I was very glad to go to such a big court, I wanted to enjoy the game, enjoy the moment. As a result, it helped me.

The year before last you won the junior US Open.

– Everything has changed: both psychology and technology. Now I believe in myself, I trust myself. That’s why I play so well.

– You have a cool backhand.

– Many say so. But I like to play on both sides. Today I tried to be extremely aggressive, because she also plays that way. Therefore, I needed to do everything to take control in my own hands.

– If you could fulfill one tennis dream, what would you choose?

– Would win this tournament.

Have you already exceeded your own expectations?

– I came here very confident, I knew that everything was possible, but I didn’t look beyond the nearest match. Winning the first round was awesome. I hope to win the next one, but this is already a great success.

After the match, you said a few words about Maria Sharapova. Who else were you equal in childhood?

– I like Maria since childhood. She is a great example to follow. I always liked to watch her matches and her interviews. She is also a good person in life. I love her.

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