April 19, 2021

Alexander Zverev: Last year I was also asked about the poor start of the season

German tennis player Alexander Zverev told about what difficulties he faced at the start of the season.

“Before the competition in Marrakesh, I was only healthy in two tournaments – the Australian Open and Acapulco. At the Australian Open I got to the fourth round, but I played poorly there. In Acapulco, I managed to reach the final and win the trophy in a pair. I think that good result. At Masters in Indian Wells, I’ve been sick all week. Miami was a little better, but I didn’t train there either. He lost eight pounds. In this state, it is impossible to demonstrate a good game.

However, last year they also asked me about the bad start of the season. But then I became a finalist in Miami, reached the 1/2 finals in Monte Carlo, won in Munich and Madrid, reached the finals in Rome. It seems to me that after such a speech it makes no sense to ask me such questions. It is likely that the situation of the past year will happen again, ”Eurosport quotes Zverev.

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