April 18, 2021

Alexander Zverev: I went out in the second week of Slam. Why should I be unhappy?

German Alexander Zverev commented on his entry in the fourth round of the Australian Open .

You are probably satisfied with what is happening?

– I went out in the second week of “Slam”. Why should I be unhappy?

– Are you satisfied with your game now or would you like to add?

– There is always where to add. But today I played great. Although with Shardi in the previous match was not easy. I feel great before the second week.

What do you think about meeting with Raonic?

He is also a difficult opponent. – We met twice, but the matches were completely different. He demonstrates a great game. So far, only one set has lost to Wawrinka. It will be fun. I do not wait for protracted draws. Let’s see what will happen.

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