April 19, 2021

Alexander Zverev: I don’t expect anything from the Australian Open, I have never gone beyond the third round

German Alexander Zverev spoke about plans for the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020 and for the upcoming Australian Open.

– Do you plan to appear more often in mixed doubles at the “majors” or the Olympics?

– Perhaps this is the most unusual beginning of the press conference. I would like to play with Angelique Kerber at the Olympics. And in other tournaments do not plan.

What’s the difference?

– At the Olympics you represent your country and fight for the gold medal. Olympic gold is valuable in any discipline. But on the “Slams” we all want to win in the “single”.

How is your health?

– Everything is good. The ankle does not bother me, even though it is a little swelling. I did not even sprained him, but simply stumbled. Inflammation is caused by the collision of two bones. I will perform with a tape. This is not very convenient, but it won’t get any worse, so I’m not worried about that.

– Share your expectations from the next two weeks.

– Honestly, I’m not expecting anything. I have never been able to go beyond the third round. Apparently, first I need to learn how to enjoy the tournament, stadiums, matches, and the rest will follow.

– Is it harder to enjoy the game at the “majors” or during the five-set matches?

– I like to play in any situation. Of course, when you are constantly asked the question “When will you win the Helmet?”, You begin to feel the pressure. Last year I went to London. Before that, I showed not the best game. Then I said that this is the last tournament of the season, after which we all go on vacation. But the strongest tennis players of the world gathered there, so I wanted to enjoy this opportunity. In the end, I won the main trophy. I think on the “major” I need the same attitude. I hope this helps me.

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