How Steffi Graf collected the Golden Slam in 1988

The campaign for the Golden Slam began for Graf in Melbourne, where she did not give up a single set to her opponents, including Chris Evert in the final.

Australian Open

In Paris Steffi continued her winning streak, where she again defeated seven opponents in a row. And in the final, she did not give a single game to her opponent.

Rolland Garros

In London, the German was brilliant at first, giving up three games per match to her first six opponents.


In the final the 19-year-old German was well tested by the famous Martina Navratilova. But Graf was able to come back from 0-1 in sets and win!

In New York the situation was the same. Steffi did not give up a single set to her first five opponents, and in the semi-finals American Chris Evert withdrew from the tournament.

US Open

The final battle with Gabriela Sabatini of Argentina lasted three sets. Once again Graf won, and with her the seasonal Grand Slam.

Steffi finished her triumphant run at the Olympics in South Korea, where she defeated five opponents, as well as the same Sabatini in the final.


To surpass this achievement of the great Steffi Graf is impossible, and to repeat it is almost unreal.

Golden Slam

“It is something that not many people after me will achieve, I think. It is amazing.” AELTC/Michael Cole


Steffi Graf

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