How Rich Is Naomi Osaka?

by Nick Braven

Naomi Osaka is the winner of four grand slam tournaments. She has two wins each at the US Open and Australian Open.

Record holder

She set the earnings record for a female athlete in a single year

$37 million

Naomi Osaka is supported by the following famous brands: Tag Heuer, Nissan, MasterCard, Louis Vuitton and others

The Japanese tennis player, Naomi Osaka has won more than $20 million in prize money in her career

$20 million

Osaka purchased a gorgeous Beverly Hills home for nearly $7 million from American singer Nick Jonas

Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka is dating Cordae, a Grammy-nominated rapper.

Osaka has become co-owner of the North Carolina Courage women’s soccer club in the NWSL

Naomi Osaka, the richest athlete in the world, has been appearing frequently on the covers of glossy magazines lately.

We estimate Naomi Osaka's income at an impressive amount 60 000 000$

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